Soroptimist International of Sequim                                                                 Vol.7, Issue 5    Summer 2004


Officers 2003 - 2004

Gail Frick

Sandy Reed

Recording Secretary:
Dale Simon

Corresponding Secretary:
Alex Priest

Treasurer (Service):
Marie Angier

Treasurer (General):
Casey Murphy

Directors: 2 year
Megan O'Donnell

Directors: 1 year
Rhonda Carrell

Directors: 1 year
Jane Manzer

Directors: 1 year
Jeanne Martin

Past President
Leah Tuttle

Newsletter Staff
Kathy Purcell
Colleen Blazier



At the end of April, Linette Zimmerman became the new governor of our Northwestern Region. She likened the story of “Soroptimist” to an unending story. We are familiar with the history of our organization through our past – our yearly chapters. It’s hard to think of ourselves as being the creators of the next chapter, but that’s what we are. This next year’s chapter will flow forward as outlined by International, National, District, and our own local club. However, each of us, as members of this club, adds our own flavor, spice, intrigue and drama. I’m excited about how this next year’s chapter will unfold and predict it to be one of the more interesting chapters in the book.

One of the threads that flows through this unending story, is that of friendship. First there is the commitment to the Soroptimist ideals, which then nourishes our intertwining friendships. We believe in what we do through our club activities, and working together nourishes our Soroptimist friendships adding a special joy.

So…as friends, let’s clasp hands and start creating our chapter in the unending story!

President Sandy                  
                                      Sandy Reed (incoming)
                                         Gail Frick (outgoing)

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