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April 2002
Sara Shoeneman

May 2002
Joelle Price

Years ago Soroptimist International of Sequim had a “Big Sister” Program where a seasoned

member of the club was assigned to a new member to help her get acquainted.

Now it may it may be more politically correct to call the program by a different name, but offer essentially the same thing – arranging for an “established Soroptimist” (no particular longevity required) to pair up with a new member for her first year or so.

Since the pairing is a Partnership, we decided to use that name: the Soroptimist Partner Program (also known as P Squared or P2 ). The established member will be a Guide Partner to the New Member Partner.

This is a new program to the club and we as Partners (both Guide Partners and New Member Partners) have the opportunity to help develop it.

Kathy Purcell
SOLT Coordinator



We should be having a banner (Entertainment) year since we sold 114 Entertainment books. That’s more than twice the number sold last year. This year, books were available at seven locations and three Gazette ads provided our publicity. A “road show” brought books to the P.A. Newcomers, P.A. (SI) noon Club and the Olympic Peninsula Explorers. Several books were purchased on the Internet and our account has been credited for them. We make $7.00 for selling the Puget Sound version and $8.00 for each Seattle book sold.

Your support for this popular fundraiser is greatly appreciated. Congratulations!!

Pooling All Resources Together Nurturing Everyone Respectfully



Decorated (floral)
unbrellas and SI
Sequim Sisters to
show them off as a
member of the


Cindy Bidegary
Elizabeth Baatz
Laurel Bentsen   
Rhonda Carrell    
Caroline Chaney  
Debra Danielson
Lucy Dukes  
Sue Jacobs
Janet Johnson
Jane Manzer 
Susan Oden
Connie Paulsen
Pat Pottiger 
Sherry Schubert 
Terry Smithton 
Thelma Sullock
Frances Well
Kathy Purcell
Marti McAllister Wolf 
Diane Jones
Colleen Blazier
Kathy Purcell
Lin McJunkin
Ruth Marcus
Louella Hanson
Sandy Reed
Alex Priest
Mayme Faulk
Peg Rinker
Jeanne Martin
Sally Sue Barry
Elaine Carlson
Twirling Drill Team at
the 2002 Irrigation Festival Parade

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